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Why Commit to Excellence?

Your Future Depends On It!

For most companies today, excellence is a goal, not a reality. The old slogan, if it’s not broke, don’t fix it, often holds companies back from reaching their true potential and achieving maximum success. But as the past has shown us, success today doesn’t always carry into tomorrow. Excellence Commitment Inc (E-Commit) provides companies with a process, programs and partners to empower them to excel and to reach their highest potential of profit and growth. But this path to future excellence must be more than a goal, it must be a dedicated commitment!

Here’s How It Works

E-Commit unleashes the power of companies to take their earning potential to levels beyond their dreams. E-Commit utilizes the power of a structured approach (process, programs and partners) to gain the commitment of the company to change, communicate and challenge themselves to excel. When the focus becomes exceeding customers expectations, the prize becomes profit and growth for both the company and its employees.

“The E-Commit Formula”

integrating excellence through the power of commitment = profit and growth

Jeff Wilmink has over twenty-five years experience as a proven Integration Leader in the Mechanical Service Industry. From 1996 to 2002, years he held the position of President & CEO of Excellence Alliance Inc., the Industries leading “Independent Contractor Alliance”. Prior to founding EAI, he was Vice Presidentof Engineering Excellence, the “ACCA Quality Contractor of the Year” for 1992. In conjunction with his leadership responsibilities at EEI, he also was a member of the Callahan/Roach Associates team where he was a leading trainer on the Quality Improvement Process. On January 1st, 2003, Jeff founded Excellence Commitment Inc.

Excellence – To Exceed Customers’ Expectations!

Within the E-Commit formula, the customer is defined as internal (employees) and external (consumers or businesses). Both levels have different needs and expectations and the ownership must gain insight into the dynamics of both.

Commitment – To Change, Communicate & Challenge!

Like a relay team, there must be a commitment from the entire team to win. There must be a flexibility to adapt to new paces, the willingness to hand off and exchange information, and the ability to rise and embrace new challenges. Commitment is not easy, but it is the nucleus of a winning team. It must begin with the owner and end with the employee. It can’t be ego driven, but team oriented. When the company wins, everyone wins!

Power – Our Process, Programs & Partners!

The E-Commit formula offers a one-on-one interactive approach to integrating excellence into your company’s culture through its exclusive process, programs and partners.

Ten years ago,

Excellence = Meeting Customers Requirements


Excellence = Exceeding Customers Expectations Average is invisible and doomed for failure in today’s rapidly changing marketplace. The most profitable way to change a market and win big is to stand out in the customer’s eyes. It’s called excelling, but your commitment is the power that will make it happen.