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On-line Courses

Internet Courses

  • The Internet - Master the ins and outs of the Internet, search engines, email, doing business online, and more.
  • Web Page Design - Create and post your very own site on the web. Learn HTML, XML, CSS, Acrobat, Dreamwaver, and FrontPage.
  • Web Graphics & Multimedia - Bring your web pages to life with images, sound, and audio. Learn Paint Shop Pro, Fireworks, and Flash.
  • Web Programming - Create truly interactive websites with ColdFusion, Javascript, CGI, JSP, and Java.

Computer Courses

  • Basic Computer Literacy - Learn computer basics, keyboarding, Windows, Macintosh OS, or Linux.
  • Computer Applications - Become proficient with Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Publisher, Quicken, QuickBooks, and more.
  • Desktop Publishing & Imaging - Produce eye-catching photographs, ads, brochures, newsletters, and magazines with Photoshop, QuarkXPress, and other powerful publishing tools.
  • Computer Troubleshooting & Networking - Save time and money and gain marketable new skills by learning to repair and network personal computers.
  • Computer Programming & Database Management - Master the art of database development with Oracle, Sybase, and Access. Gain valuable new skills in Perl, Linux, SQL, C++, and Visual Basic.
  • Palm Pilot & Pocket PC - Organize your life, manage your contacts, and make more efficient use of your time by learning how to use the personal digital assistant to its fullest capabilities.
  • Digital Photography & Video - Get the most out of your digital camera. Learn how to take, edit, and print professional-quality images, movies, and videos.

Personal Enrichment Courses

  • Languages - Prepare for your next vacation or open up new career opportunities by learning conversational Spanish, French, Braille, or English.
  • Writing & Publishing - Learn the secret to getting published with our growing collection of writing courses taught by experienced professionals.
  • Test Prep - Don't take the GRE, SAT, ACT, LSAT, GMAT, or GED exam until you've had an opportunity to work with our instructors.
  • Personal & Career Development - Improve your career prospects by becoming more assertive, increasing your leadership potential, communicating better, defeating stress, getting organized, writing a better resume, developing better job interview skills, and more.
  • Personal Finance & Wealth Building - Learn to save money on major purchases, eliminate all of your credit card debt, increase your wealth, protect your assets, make wise investment decisions, and more.
  • Family & Personal Enrichment - Learn film literacy, master the secrets of wine appreciation, use hypnotic suggestion on yourself and others, research your family history, write your life story, move beyond divorce, assist your aging parents, and more.

Business Management Courses

  • Business Planning & Entrepreneurial Courses - Discover new small or home-based business opportunities or learn how to plan, finance, and grow your existing business.
  • Sales & Marketing - Today, there are no shortages of opportunities for skilled sales and marketing professionals. Make sure you have what it takes to help any business meet its financial goals.
  • Accounting - Demand for accounting professionals currently exceeds supply. Increase your financial awareness and accountability while also gaining marketable new skills.
  • Business Administration & Management - Improve your job skills by mastering the fundamentals of supervision and management, human resources, employment law, project management, business analysis, customer service, and more.