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On-line Human Resources

Applicant Aptitude & Personality Testing

Measures four behavior styles: Dominance, Extroversion, Patience, and Conformity. A basic necessity for hiring, managing, and effective team communication. Discover individual strengths, needs, motivators, and leadership styles. Seven industry job models based on high performing individuals. Job specific interview questions to get to the real answers...can they do the job? $999.00 unlimited annually. Coaching included! Applicant Recruiting & Screening

Applicant Character Testing

One of the most effective mouse traps for catching applicant’s that may deceive is by using the Insure Survey. Find out what their attitudes are about drugs in the workplace, work ethics, reliability, and integrity. Do applicants tell you one story and then do another? It’s time to get down to the truth! $24.00 each/ minimum 10 order. Employee Aptitude & Personality Testing

Employee Background Checks

Simple on-line ordering by credit card. The most comprehensive criminal check available. Nationwide coverage in every state with 100% in person real time information! Unlimited counties checked for $28.00 partners ONLY! Employee Background Checks

Employee Drug Testing

The most convenient cost effective drug testing available. Oral fluid provides fast and accurate detection of the most common drugs. Adulteration is eliminated! No clinics, no embarrassing discussions. Two day turnaround via web or fax. $34.00 includes Medical Release Officer. Employee Drug Testing

Human Resources Training

Business & Legal Reports' Human Resources Training Presentations teach how to communicate HR policies and train supervisors in preventing labor law issues with the Americans with Disabilities Act, FMLA, sexual harassment, and affirmative action laws. This comprehensive human resources software breaks down "labor laws land mines" for all your human resource management needs.

Safety Training Presentations

Business & Legal Reports' Safety Training Presentations provide essential workplace safety training that will inform your employees about key OSHA regulations like ergonomics, welding, job hazard analysis, hearing protection, and more. Meet OSHA standards as you increase employee awareness in health safety regulations. These valuable safety training lessons will be sure to help prevent costly accidents.