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Our Process

The key to integrating excellence in your organization is the E-Commit process. This continual process is broken into 6 (six) simple steps:

Continually Commit to Excellence

This step must start with the executive/owners, be driven by your managers and supervisors and be executed by your employees.

Continually Survey/Audit

This step includes surveying and auditing your internal customers (employees), external customers (consumers & businesses) and partners (suppliers).

Continually Track/Benchmark

This step will be broken into 3 (three) opportunities/issues categories starting with current (immediate), open (vision) and resolved (satisfied).

Continually Assess/Evaluate

This step starts by accessing your current opportunities/issues, selecting a specific opportunity/issue, committing the necessary resources (money, people, & time) and evaluating potential solutions (employees, customers, partners).

Continually Resolve/Integrate

This step includes developing a preliminary and final solution/standard, developing its policy and procedure, and integrating that solution/standard.

Continually Review the Solution/Standard

Continually review the customer requirements (goal), the systems & procedures (method), the cost (measurement) and your excellence commitment (process).